Ted Talk – Life Undecided


2 thoughts on “Ted Talk – Life Undecided

  1. LOGAN! I still don’t like the Cowboys! Gonna miss bantering with you about football. It was awesome how you had voiceovers in your video, I wasn’t expecting it and was surprised. I didn’t know about your major changes and I was in the same boat at times throughout the semester. Glad I’m not alone. I think studying people and groups would be pretty interesting, and anthropology would be pretty cool to go into. Heck, I learned a lot just from watching your video. Glad you were in some of my classes and will miss having our conversations about various topics.

  2. I am glad that you got so much from this class. I like to hear that it helped some students with the transition into college. It seems like you really enjoyed this semester and class. You made a decision on a major and minor, which is awesome. I wish I would have learned what I wanted to do, but hopefully I will get there next semester. I wish you the best in your future and that you find a major that you love!

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