I do judge people way more than I probably should. I’ve noticed that since I’ve moved to Denton, I’ve started to judge a little less. I’ve been thrown into a town that is far more culturally diverse than my own was. It was a bit scary at first… but now, I like it a lot. So much to learn about everyone and their different paths. 

I’m really not sure what cultural group I identify with.. there’s so many, honestly. I identify with white people, women, christians, people with divorced parents, small town people, people who listen to the same music as me, people who watch the same Netflix shows as me and I’m sure there’s more…. 

Hm, the values I identify with are creativity, humor, and intelligence. I’m not really sure about a purpose, to be honest. 

My parents have (or at least have in the past) a huge influence on my personal opinions, values, and view points. Now, that I’m 5 hours away, I’m being more influenced by the people I’m surrounding myself with and the things that I’m reading or listening to(sorry Mama). A lot of my professors have been helping shape my opinions and thoughts on different subjects. It’s nice getting new perspective on things, even if I don’t agree with what they’re saying. 

I really want to branch out and talking to people that I wouldn’t normally approach. I’d also be open to joining some sort of group or org. that would help me branch out and learn new things. 


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