The more you know..

I honestly had no clue what to guess when it came to the Strong assessment.. I pretty much felt “eh” on every description. After, I saw my theme code, AI (artistic and investigative), it made sense to me. I thought the values listed on both artistic and investigative fit me very well as did some of the interests, work activities and potential skills. I did question some though. Mathematics was listed a few times in a couple of areas and math.. is not a friend of mine.

I was actually interested in quite a few of my top ten strong occupations. My four favorites were photographer, mental health counselor, editor, and university faculty member. All are career paths I have considered and taken an interest in.

The one I decided to look into on the O*NET was mental health counselor. I learned quite a few things, like graduate school is definitely a must and the pay isn’t that great. But, I was excited about the part that talked about the knowledge you would need to have. Most of the topics like, psychology, therapy and counseling, anthropology and philosophy are all things I’m really interested in. The employment trends looked promising as well. The projected growth is much higher than average.. whoo!

My Personal Style Scales Preferences:

  1. You likely prefer working alone
  2. You seem to prefer to learn through lectures and books
  3. You probably prefer to lead by example
  4. You may dislike taking risks
  5. You probably enjoy the role of independent contributor

I agree with every single on of those. I definitely prefer working alone.. definitely. I don’t take risks. I’m generally very cautious in every aspect of my life. I’m not necessarily sure how I prefer to learn at this point. Lectures and books are currently really my option when it comes to learning, so it’s all I know.

For themes of great interest to me, I went to the investigative category and found both anthropology and psychology. Both are majors offered at UNT that I am definitely looking into exploring next semester.

My learning environment says that I probably enjoy the traditional student role and learning for the sake of learning. It also says that I prefer classroom lectures, theoretical readings and library research to practical hands-on training or work study programs. I would agree with that completely. Most of my classes are all reading and lectures so I’m doing well in the department.. as soon as I have to take a science lab though.. I’m probably in some trouble.

One career they had listed that  I thought was odd was surgeon. Even though I wouldn’t ever consider something like this, I think they recommended for me because the job requires a lot of independence and has quite a bit of science involved which seemed to be popular for me.



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