How I spend my time


So there is how I spend my time.

I don’t really think that my pie looks tasty.. I wish all the pieces were evenly cut.. then my OCD could stop freaking out.

I dedicate 30 hours per week for class and study time (15 hours in class and 15 hours of study time) . At first, I thought that it was a lot of time, then I realized I think it should be more like 45 hours… I may have to dedicate less time to Netflix.

When it comes to sleeping and my naps, I think I’m covered. I spend about 49 hours per week sleeping.  It’s a huge portion of my pie which I’m okay with… I wish it was like half my pie. If that was the case, I wouldn’t have a social life.

I spend 14 hours per week grooming myself. I think that’s totally acceptable.

I spend around 10.5 hours a week eating.

I spend 9.5 hours a week driving and walking to wherever I need to be.

I dedicate 9 hours a week to clubs/orgs and the gym.

I spend 9 hours a week obsessively cleaning my dorm and doing my laundry. I wish that I didn’t have to spend any time on chores.

I spend 20 hours per week socializing. I feel like that is a ton of time to spend with friends. It’s only 10 hours less than my studying time!

I spend 10 hours on Netflix.. and that’s conservative.

Lastly, I have 7 whopping hours of free time left over spent doing.. whatever.

Most of my time goes to sleeping and studying, no surprise there.  I don’t have much free time.. which is fine by me.. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop! I would say that my pie chart is reasonably balanced. It’s expected to spend much of my time on sleep and studying but all my other time is pretty evenly spread out.

My time wasters.. Netflix. I have a bad habit of finding a show I like then watching all 8 seasons in 2 days. It’s bad.. so bad. I also have the 7 hours of leftover free time where I’m not really doing anything at all. It would probably be smart to take those 7 hours and study..

I really want to start working on a long term schedule. I normally just make to-lists the day of or the night before which can be problematic. I often don’t realize I have exams or tests until the night before. I feel like I am pretty good at managing my time. If I am not on schedule or behind, I get really stressed out so I try to avoid that.

I will hold myself accountable for managing my time by trying to think about the consequences of not managing my time well.. late night studying, writing papers the night paper, rushing through assignments which all equal more and more stress. And, I will think about the point of managing my time.. which is good grades. That’s motivation enough.

Managing my time well will aid in helping me reach some of my long term goals because it will help me be successful in the classroom.. which makes for more time doing the things I am working towards that aren’t academic.



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