Hey y’all, my name is Logan Erickson!


I’m from a small town (population 20,000 people roughly) called Kerrville, Texas. It’s 95% elderly people, so you can imagine I had a pretty exciting childhood. I went to Tivy High school where most of my time was spent at cheerleading practice or in front of the computer editing spreads for my school’s yearbook. While on the yearbook staff, I discovered that I had a true passion for photography and editing papers. I was also a part of an awesome youth group, Younglife, that allowed me to discover and grow stronger in my faith!

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I have 3 siblings who I am all very close to! My brother Josh is 26, my sister Sydney is 17, and my brother Ryan is 8! One of the hardest parts about being five hours away from home is not seeing my family. I would also consider my 4 dogs (3 German Shepherds and 1 Cockapoo) as family and anyone else who loves dogs as much as I do knows that not coming home to their smiling faces everyday really puts a damper on my evenings.

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I’m obsessed with creating things. I prefer to spend my weekends working on do-it-yourself projects, often covered in glitter and mod podge, rather than hang out with my friends. If I’m not doing that, then I’m probably at some thrift store looking for cool t-shirts.

I also really love animals! I worked at a pet store over the summer and fell in love with everything- snakes, rats, birds, hamsters, chinchillas… really anything that I could pet and talk to. I’d be more than content to spend the rest of my life working with animals but I’m not quite sure how plausible that is.

My taste in music varies drastically. From Hoodie Allen and Macklemore to Fall Out Boy and Ke$ha, I listen to just about everything.

Now, I’m here. Denton feels like home to me and apart from missing my family and four sweet puppy dogs, I don’t miss home much at all. I live in Traditions dorm and enjoy the peace and quiet of the third floor.


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