My Family Career Tree

I just spent the last hour trying to embed my prezi.. it’s impossible.. anyway, here’s the link to my family career tree. enjoy!


The more you know..

I honestly had no clue what to guess when it came to the Strong assessment.. I pretty much felt “eh” on every description. After, I saw my theme code, AI (artistic and investigative), it made sense to me. I thought the values listed on both artistic and investigative fit me very well as did some of the interests, work activities and potential skills. I did question some though. Mathematics was listed a few times in a couple of areas and math.. is not a friend of mine.

I was actually interested in quite a few of my top ten strong occupations. My four favorites were photographer, mental health counselor, editor, and university faculty member. All are career paths I have considered and taken an interest in.

The one I decided to look into on the O*NET was mental health counselor. I learned quite a few things, like graduate school is definitely a must and the pay isn’t that great. But, I was excited about the part that talked about the knowledge you would need to have. Most of the topics like, psychology, therapy and counseling, anthropology and philosophy are all things I’m really interested in. The employment trends looked promising as well. The projected growth is much higher than average.. whoo!

My Personal Style Scales Preferences:

  1. You likely prefer working alone
  2. You seem to prefer to learn through lectures and books
  3. You probably prefer to lead by example
  4. You may dislike taking risks
  5. You probably enjoy the role of independent contributor

I agree with every single on of those. I definitely prefer working alone.. definitely. I don’t take risks. I’m generally very cautious in every aspect of my life. I’m not necessarily sure how I prefer to learn at this point. Lectures and books are currently really my option when it comes to learning, so it’s all I know.

For themes of great interest to me, I went to the investigative category and found both anthropology and psychology. Both are majors offered at UNT that I am definitely looking into exploring next semester.

My learning environment says that I probably enjoy the traditional student role and learning for the sake of learning. It also says that I prefer classroom lectures, theoretical readings and library research to practical hands-on training or work study programs. I would agree with that completely. Most of my classes are all reading and lectures so I’m doing well in the department.. as soon as I have to take a science lab though.. I’m probably in some trouble.

One career they had listed that  I thought was odd was surgeon. Even though I wouldn’t ever consider something like this, I think they recommended for me because the job requires a lot of independence and has quite a bit of science involved which seemed to be popular for me.


How I spend my time


So there is how I spend my time.

I don’t really think that my pie looks tasty.. I wish all the pieces were evenly cut.. then my OCD could stop freaking out.

I dedicate 30 hours per week for class and study time (15 hours in class and 15 hours of study time) . At first, I thought that it was a lot of time, then I realized I think it should be more like 45 hours… I may have to dedicate less time to Netflix.

When it comes to sleeping and my naps, I think I’m covered. I spend about 49 hours per week sleeping.  It’s a huge portion of my pie which I’m okay with… I wish it was like half my pie. If that was the case, I wouldn’t have a social life.

I spend 14 hours per week grooming myself. I think that’s totally acceptable.

I spend around 10.5 hours a week eating.

I spend 9.5 hours a week driving and walking to wherever I need to be.

I dedicate 9 hours a week to clubs/orgs and the gym.

I spend 9 hours a week obsessively cleaning my dorm and doing my laundry. I wish that I didn’t have to spend any time on chores.

I spend 20 hours per week socializing. I feel like that is a ton of time to spend with friends. It’s only 10 hours less than my studying time!

I spend 10 hours on Netflix.. and that’s conservative.

Lastly, I have 7 whopping hours of free time left over spent doing.. whatever.

Most of my time goes to sleeping and studying, no surprise there.  I don’t have much free time.. which is fine by me.. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop! I would say that my pie chart is reasonably balanced. It’s expected to spend much of my time on sleep and studying but all my other time is pretty evenly spread out.

My time wasters.. Netflix. I have a bad habit of finding a show I like then watching all 8 seasons in 2 days. It’s bad.. so bad. I also have the 7 hours of leftover free time where I’m not really doing anything at all. It would probably be smart to take those 7 hours and study..

I really want to start working on a long term schedule. I normally just make to-lists the day of or the night before which can be problematic. I often don’t realize I have exams or tests until the night before. I feel like I am pretty good at managing my time. If I am not on schedule or behind, I get really stressed out so I try to avoid that.

I will hold myself accountable for managing my time by trying to think about the consequences of not managing my time well.. late night studying, writing papers the night paper, rushing through assignments which all equal more and more stress. And, I will think about the point of managing my time.. which is good grades. That’s motivation enough.

Managing my time well will aid in helping me reach some of my long term goals because it will help me be successful in the classroom.. which makes for more time doing the things I am working towards that aren’t academic.


Reflections on Rainn Wilson’s Lecture

Sometimes you experience something that is so powerful and has so much impact on your life, the only way to make sense of it is to write about it. That’s kinda how I’m feeling right now..

I have a bad habit of making assumptions.. and I assumed that tonight, I would go to the Rainn Wilson lecture and laugh a lot and it would be funny and then I would go home and watch Netflix. I did laugh a lot.. but I learned a whole lot more.. and I learned so much that I’m writing a blog post that’s not even required instead of watching Netflix (this is big).

Rainn Wilson said a lot of things that really spoke to me tonight and I’m going to be making some big changes in my life because of him.

The first thing he said that made me start thinking was.. “I want to be the same person everywhere I go..”. When I think about all the different facades that I put on throughout the day, I kind of question my sanity. It would be a lot easier if I was just myself, whoever that is, than these different characters I play. And, I would be a lot more honest and a lot more wholesome if I was just who I am 100 percent of the time.. instead of when it suits the situation.

Then he said something along the lines of.. “Science does not have to be separate from God..”. I like that concept, a lot and have always thought that the two go hand in hand. Actually, I liked hearing about Wilson’s “wackadoodle” religion (that religion is Baha’i)  and felt oddly connected to it even though it differed from mine.

And then there’s this that just absolutely blew my mind.. “Contentment is never attached to external events..”. So wait, you’re saying that I can do anything.. absolutely anything to try to be content in my life.. but at the end of the day it comes from the inside? That’s something to think about. But, I liked the point he made about the difference between happiness and contentment and why happiness isn’t necessarily what we should want. Happiness is just like a sugar high and eventually you come down off of it and your down again looking for the next rush. I don’t like that. Being content will come from within and depend on nothing… it’s a choice, which makes it easy. I can make the decision to feel content and filled with gratitude everyday and that’s what I’m going to do.  I like the way that sounds much more.

I don’t remember exactly what Wilson said but it touched on how important service is. Instead of living life with a ME ME ME attitude… it’s important to live your life serving others. I’ve always thought that and at times, I’ve even preached that.. but, I have never lived that way and it’s time that changed. Wilson said everything starts with “Is there a God?” and I do believe that there is. So, it’s time that I start living like he would. Creating myself in his image, so that I can feel content and gratitude and peace.

Other tidbits of ideas and quotes that I liked or stood out:

  • “How will you choose to live?”
  • “The time to live is now. “
  • “The greatest ode we can give to the creator of the universe.. is to create.” (holla. I love this. exactly why I love creating.)
  • “I’m going to rock people.. to their cores”
  • “I believe everyone is an artist” 
  • “We are like beautiful flowers in a flower garden”

I can feel myself growing so much already through the wonderful experiences I’m getting to have at the University of North Texas! Everyday here is another affirmation that this is where I was meant to be.

What I have in common with Adam Sandler, Oprah and Mel Gibson

Hey.. so that’s pretty cool Adam Sandler, Oprah, and Mel Gibson all are INFJs… and I am too!

If there’s anything that I’ve learned about myself it’s that I’m an awful guesser.. but for once, I have guessed something correctly! I was spot on when I said that my MBTI test results would reveal that I was an INFJ. I thought that was pretty exciting. I don’t think that I am going to start relying on my guessing skills anytime soon though..


I was really excited about my results. I thought that it was highly accurate .. almost too accurate. In some ways, it revealed things about myself that I never noticed which is kind of scary.

My MBTI test results isn’t affecting my career exploration too much because many of the careers listed as ideal for me are ones I have already considered which is so fantastic. I feel like I’m starting to get somewhere and the things that I have had doubts about in the past are being affirmed by what I am learning about myself in UGST1000.

One of the careers I picked to research on O*NET was a clinical psychologist because that seems to be the career I keep going back to. The first things I looked at was salary, projected growth and projected job openings. I learned that I’m definitely not going to be seeing just a ton of green if I go down this route.. but that’s okay. Not everything is about money. The projected growth is between 20% and 28% which isn’t bad.. and the projected job openings is 82,300. That makes me hopeful for the future.

I also looked into the desktop publishing career because it seemed like it could be interesting.. and it was almost perfect for me.. then I saw the salary (it was even less than the clinical psychologist!)  and projected growth (it was declining) and I decided that maybe I wouldn’t go down that road.

I really wanted to look into more careers than just one because  a lot of them seemed so cool.. so I started going down the list and looking into pretty much everything on O*NET. Boy, I am so glad that I did this. I was able to mark many careers off the list that at first, seemed desirable but after investigation.. were no longer interesting to me in any way.

Here are some popular occupations for INFJs:

  1. Writer
  2. Interior Designer
  3. Psychiatrist
  4. Clinical/counseling/educational psychologist
  5. Environmental scientist
  6. Desktop publisher

I’m actually interested in a lot of the careers above. I see myself doing a lot of these.. maybe not as an occupation, but as a hobby or on the side. I love the idea of getting into interior design but I don’t know that I could do it for a living and writing will always be a hobby of mine but I don’t see myself writing any best sellers anytime soon so I’ll just leave that for free time.

Here are some occupations that are not so popular for INFJs:

  1. Driver
  2. Political scientist
  3. Medical record technician
  4. Top executive, legal
  5. Tax Examiner
  6. Nursery worker/farm laborer

I think that there is a good reason that those careers are unpopular… most of them sound boring to me and I would never really consider choosing them for a career. All of those jobs seem so gray and drab.. I’m looking for something a bit more colorful.

All in all, I thought that the popular and unpopular careers for me were pretty accurate.

My Red Rubber Ball, Values, and Passions

I’ve had a bit of trouble thinking of careers I would like to explore for the Road Trip Nation project.

I think that I would like to know more about a clinical psychologist since that is my career of choice lately. It seems like a rewarding field to work in but I also fear that it could weigh heavily on someone who isn’t emotionally strong enough.

I would also like to look into what it’s like to work for a company called Greenpeace. Greenpeace is a direct action environmental organization that does different things to help protect our Earth. I subscribed to their email newsletters a while back and have been pretty interested in them since then. If you haven’t ever heard of them, you should definitely check them out! I will leave a link for their website. I’ve become pretty passionate about protecting our environment and the animals that we share our earth with so I think it would be cool to get an idea of what it’s like to work for a company has the same values.

It was hard to pick THREE things I value most because there are truly so many things that are important to me But when it came down to choosing, I did it fairly quickly. My top three values: Creativity, Wit/humor, and Independence.

Creativity was a pretty easy choice for me actually. I am the happiest when I am being creative.. whether it’s writing something, doodling something, or crafting something I feel so at peace and happy! I think I get that from my mom. She’s the most creative person I know and can work WONDERS, I mean wonders, with a paint brush and a blank wall. I like finding other people who are creative and like to think creatively. There are so many things you can produce and accomplish.

I value wit and humor because I love to laugh and appreciate when someone can get a good chuckle out of me. I also like making other people life.. it’s like a high.. you feel good because you’ve made someone else feel good. It’s awesome. Think about life without laughter.. awful, right? 

And lastly, independence!  I like to think that I am an independent person.. then I think of all the people I have been (and still am) dependent on for big things and little things. When it comes down to it though, the only person I depend on to make me happy is myself! And I think that makes me independent enough. People everyday are dependent on drugs, alcohol, and other people to make them happy and that’s a dark and scary way to live. I am thankful that I was raised and have made a decision to be the only person in control of my happiness.

As for my passions.. I’m not really sure what I’m passionate about. There are a few small things: animals, art, photography, food, and language. But really the only big thing I’m passionate about is life.


Here’s that link to the Greenpeace website –>

Bucket List

10 Things I’m dying to do before I graduate:

1. Go to as many concerts as possible– Nothing makes you love your favorite artist/band more than seeing them in concert. I didn’t really go to many concerts in high school because they were so far away. Since Dallas is next door, there are more opportunities. A few artists I’d like to see:

macklemore-fbpost  b185_fall-out-boy-band-music-950x712   262324453_640   hoodie_allen1

2. Volunteer at as many animal shelters as possible– I love animals and believe that every dog, cat, hamster, bird deserves lots of love! I want to volunteer at no kill shelters doing whatever I can to find animals forever homes.

3. Go scuba diving in Bikini Bottom– Only kidding about the Bikini Bottom, but really, who doesn’t want to do this? There’s so much in the ocean that is crazy cool and I want to see and explore as much as I can.

4. Be a part of work crew at Younglife’s Frontier Ranch– I attended Frontier Ranch as a camper and the people at camp influenced, impacted, and shaped my relationship with Christ more than anyone else has. I would love to be a part of such an awesome program and impact someone they way I was. It’s also a ton of fun and it’s in Colorado..  Colorado is the best.

5. Learn to be a cheese connoisseur– I just think that would be awesome because I love cheese.

6. Learn a second language– If it were up to me, I would probably learn to speak dog. I don’t think that’s going to happen though. So maybe something cool like sign language.

7. Go on a mission trip–  I think it would be a life changing experience. It’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing.

8. Swim with Manatees in Crystal River Florida– I love manatees and to be surrounded by such a magnificent animal would truly be amazing.

9. Travel out of the country– I haven’t traveled much but I have always wanted to visit places like Thailand or really anywhere in the UK. I think it would be cool to be submerged in a culture so different from our own.

10. Get something published.. somewhere– this is pretty vague but I’d really like to have a photograph or something I’ve written published into a magazine.. anything really .


Hey y’all, my name is Logan Erickson!


I’m from a small town (population 20,000 people roughly) called Kerrville, Texas. It’s 95% elderly people, so you can imagine I had a pretty exciting childhood. I went to Tivy High school where most of my time was spent at cheerleading practice or in front of the computer editing spreads for my school’s yearbook. While on the yearbook staff, I discovered that I had a true passion for photography and editing papers. I was also a part of an awesome youth group, Younglife, that allowed me to discover and grow stronger in my faith!

welcome%20to%20kerrville%20sign 16090_10102643418370274_1833962403_n kev

I have 3 siblings who I am all very close to! My brother Josh is 26, my sister Sydney is 17, and my brother Ryan is 8! One of the hardest parts about being five hours away from home is not seeing my family. I would also consider my 4 dogs (3 German Shepherds and 1 Cockapoo) as family and anyone else who loves dogs as much as I do knows that not coming home to their smiling faces everyday really puts a damper on my evenings.

971827_10201280125308807_301866152_n 259933_2227203603245_1330654_n

I’m obsessed with creating things. I prefer to spend my weekends working on do-it-yourself projects, often covered in glitter and mod podge, rather than hang out with my friends. If I’m not doing that, then I’m probably at some thrift store looking for cool t-shirts.

I also really love animals! I worked at a pet store over the summer and fell in love with everything- snakes, rats, birds, hamsters, chinchillas… really anything that I could pet and talk to. I’d be more than content to spend the rest of my life working with animals but I’m not quite sure how plausible that is.

My taste in music varies drastically. From Hoodie Allen and Macklemore to Fall Out Boy and Ke$ha, I listen to just about everything.

Now, I’m here. Denton feels like home to me and apart from missing my family and four sweet puppy dogs, I don’t miss home much at all. I live in Traditions dorm and enjoy the peace and quiet of the third floor.